Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sewing & Cupcakes

I've started a sewing project!  Wheeee!!  My first in a few years other than mending.  Between lack of space, pregnancy and then baby, I haven't made anything in a few years.  It feels good to be working on something again.  I'm making the overalls from Simplicity 3322 in a navy linen/rayon blend found at Joann's.  I never find anything at Joann's!  Pretty sure you've all seen this pattern before, but I'll post a pic of it anyway.   This won't be my first time making this pattern, so even though it's a different size this time around, I'm not going to worry about making a muslin first.  (that makes it sound like I'm usually good and do make a muslin! ha!)  I'm pretty sure the fitting adjustments I made to the pattern should be good.  Plus, this pattern has a 3/4" side seam allowance for fitting already built in.  I'm still thinking about the buttons on this.  White is what I have in mind, and I picked up some basic ones at Joann's too, but I'm really not enthused about them.  Anyone know a good mail order button place?

Now onto the cupcakes!  I read about Jilly's Cupcakes here in Saint Louis the other day, and managed to persuade my husband to swing by there this morning after we did the grocery shopping.  I just had to take a picture of them!  They are soooo gorgeous, and pretty yummy too!!  The frosting is definitely what makes them!  We got the Creamcicle, the Death by Chocolate and the Jilly Burger.



  1. Oh, I've been wanting to go to Jilly's for a while! I think I'll have to go soon after reading about those!
    I've been dying to sew some overalls for -ever-! Can't wait to see how yours turn out.
    At the end of July, there's a new JoAnne's opening in St Peters and it's going to be huge. *yay*
    As for your buttons, I find a lot of really fantastic, cheap vintage buttons at the St Charles Antique mall and of course on etsy. Good luck!

  2. Oh you should definitely go to Jilly's! We've now sampled all three (when I say sampled, I really mean all three cupcakes are now gone!) and our favourite was the Jilly Burger. It's a bit lighter than the other two with a lovely banana flavor to the frosting.

    We passed by the soon to be Joann's a few weeks ago. Looking forward to it opening!

    I was just now looking at etsy for buttons. I never realized until recently how great it is for getting supplies! I think I may have found some.