Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overalls Buttons Found

I've only recently discovered what a great place etsy is when searching for sewing supplies.  I know, I know.  Under search there is that "supplies" category that you'd think would be a dead giveaway, but I just never really thought about it.

Anyhoo, I went looking around there last night and found some lovely buttons for the 1940's overalls.  I had originally been thinking white.  Well, actually my first thought had been red buttons, but that would pretty much limit the top they could be worn with to white or red, so had nixed that.  In the end I picked out matching light navy blue buttons.  They're a pretty basic button, but they have a nice rounded shape to them that I like.  One of my pet peeves is when you turn over a modern button and it's hollow in the back.  Give me a nice solid vintage button any day!



  1. Cute! Those will be perfect. I -love- etsy for sewing supplies!

  2. Very nice, I can't wait to see these overalls!