Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cigar Boxes & When It Rains, It Pours!

When I saw 1950's_atomic_ranch_house's post today asking what we store in our cigar boxes, I couldn't help but pull out my one cigar box and snap a picture.  This was my Great Grandfather's, and I used to have more than this, but this is the last one.  Sadly, when I went to open it, I discovered that one of the hinges has apparently rusted shut and the prongs that went into the box part have broken or popped out.  I use it to store Barbie clothes in.  Some is authentic Barbie, some made by my Gramma for my mom's Barbie-esque doll, and some by person's unknown for my dad's sister.  I have my aunt's Barbie too, but she isn't in the box.  I don't know if you can see in the picture, but my Great Gram apparently used it to store sequins! (for her burlesque costumes, I'm sure ;) )

The pair in the picture are my gramma and grandpa.

So, apparently it's true what they say about raining and pouring.  Today I got another copy of the Marian Martin jumper pattern on ebay!  Once again I just stumbled on it because the pattern number was nowhere in the listing!  This one was all of $4.99!  Now I'll have it in a size 14 and 18 which will make grading all the easier as I'm kind of a combination of the two sizes.

Just look at the adorable heart pockets this jumper is sporting!



  1. That's great about the pattern! And I have to admit my friend had all hand made barbie clothes when we were little and I was SO envious! They were fantastic! I used to try to trade her for my real barbie clothes :)

  2. Wonderful goodies in your cigar box! Love the photo too. =)

  3. Thanks!

    I'm envious of anyone who has the patience to sew doll clothes! They're so tiny. I just can't do it!

  4. What a cute cigar box :) I have a cigar box from my great grandfather (it doesn't have a lid unfortunately) that I use to store little bits of ribbon (left over from gift wrapping).


  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Just by accident I found your lovely blog because I was browsing for this gordious Marian Martin jumper. Did you make this jumper already and are you still writing your blog? Do you want to sell this pattern? You would make me a very happy girl if you want to sell it to me! Please let me know, I would like to sew the jumper for the summer holiday! Thanks for the effort and kind regards,
    Gonnie Anneveld, Holland