Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Pattern Organization Has Begun!

Many thanks to those who shared their methods of organization!  I've given in and started The Great Pattern Scanning Project of 2010!  Actually, it's going much more quickly than expected.  All bow down to the new Kodak printer/scanner/copier!  We decided it was time to get a new printer as we were tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money on ink for the old one.  I had no idea that lots of the printers now come with scanners attached.  This thing is so much faster than the scanners I've used in the past.  I love it!

Anyway, I have about a hundred scanned so far.  I decided to create a Flickr account for them.  Then I created sets and have them filed in the sets by company and clothing type.  The nice thing is that one pattern can be in multiple sets, so they are all cross referenced, solving the problem of where to file outfit type patterns.  The actual patterns are filed away in comic book boxes and sleeves by company and number.


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