Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Sewing Room All My Own!

I've always wanted a sewing room, but living in San Francisco, I didn't exactly have a lot of spare rooms. One of the things I'm enjoying about the mid-west is how much space we have! Finally, I have a sewing room. *insert jump for joy here!* It's still a /guest room, but I'm happy. It's not like I'll be sewing when we have guests. Last weekend we picked up a sewing desk and hutch for me to store my stuff in. I still have quite a bit to unpack and put away, but here's how it is looking so far.
A 1920's vanity which had lost it's mirror is now my sewing desk.

This 1950's hutch now provides perfect storage for my fashion & costume books. Plus, my many rulers fit perfectly in the drawer.

Last but not least, my beloved dress form, old Annie, and storage bins because I have too much stuff!

I still need to get pictures up on the walls too, but I'm having loads of fun getting my space all set up to start sewing again! Only thing left on my list to get for the room (not that I can fit in too much more furniture) is a folding cutting table. It's modern and quite ugly, but I figure I can cover it up with a table cloth when not in use.


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  1. You have a dress form! I am so jealous. I want one B.A.D.