Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Latest "Vintage" Purchase...

Yay! I have my first follower! Thanks Brittany! I actually met Brittany and her friend, Amanda, walking down the street only 2 weeks after moving to St. Louis. How serendipitous was that!?!

So onto my most recent "vintage" purchase. This is quite a bit more modern than most of my purchases, and I actually have a hard time calling it vintage due to it's being younger than I am, but just barely. So the other day I was in Target in the toy section looking for a toy laptop for my one year old. Trying to distract him from wanting my mouse! Anyway, I turn around and there it is ... one of my most favourite toys from when I was a kid ... a Sit N Spin!! I grabbed it up and was so excited to get home and put it together for him only to be disappointed. This is definitely not the Sit N Spin I remember. It kind of, sort of turns. It definitely doesn't spin! So back it went, and my search for a vintage Sit N Spin began! Yesterday I got one on ebay! I can't wait for it to get here! Here it is. :)



  1. aww, I remember those too! Too bad the ones from Target are junk :( I'll have to get a vintage one for Olivia when she's older. So far, her favorite toy is a jingly duck just like one I had when I was a baby!

  2. That's so much fum that her favourite toy is something you had as a baby!